Feeds options

Feeds are available in ATOM with ?do=atom and RSS with do=RSS.


  • You can use permalinks in the feed URL to get permalink to Shaares instead of direct link to shaared URL.
    • E.G. https://my.shaarli.domain/?do=atom&permalinks.
  • You can use nb parameter in the feed URL to specify the number of Shaares you want in a feed (default if not specified: 50). The keyword all is available if you want everything.
    • https://my.shaarli.domain/?do=atom&permalinks&nb=42
    • https://my.shaarli.domain/?do=atom&permalinks&nb=all

RSS Feeds or Picture Wall for a specific search/tag

It is possible to filter RSS/ATOM feeds and Picture Wall on a Shaarli to only display results of a specific search, or for a specific tag.

For example, if you want to subscribe only to links tagged photography:

  • Go to the desired Shaarli instance.
  • Search for the photography tag in the Filter by tag box. Links tagged photography are displayed.
  • Click on the RSS Feed button.
  • You are presented with an RSS feed showing only these links. Subscribe to it to receive only updates with this tag.
  • The same method also works for a full-text search (Search box) and for the Picture Wall (want to only see pictures about nature?)
  • You can also build the URLs manually:
    • https://my.shaarli.domain/?do=rss&searchtags=nature
    • https://my.shaarli.domain/links/?do=picwall&searchterm=poney