Every link available through the LinkDB object is represented as an array containing the following fields:

  • id (integer): Unique identifier.
  • title (string): Title of the link.
  • url (string): URL of the link. Used for displayable links (without redirector, url encoding, etc.).
    Can be absolute or relative for Notes.
  • real_url (string): Real destination URL, can be redirected, encoded, etc.
  • shorturl (string): Permalink small hash.
  • description (string): Link text description.
  • private (boolean): whether the link is private or not.
  • tags (string): all link tags separated by a single space
  • thumbnail (string|boolean): relative path of the thumbnail cache file, or false if there isn't any.
  • created (DateTime): link creation date time.
  • updated (DateTime): last modification date time.