Use the Search text field to search in any of the fields of all links (Title, URL, Description...)

Exclude text/tags: Use the - operator before a word or tag (example -uninteresting) to prevent entries containing (or tagged) uninteresting from showing up in the search results.

Exact text search: Use double-quotes (example "exact search") to search for the exact expression.

Both exclude patterns and exact searches can be combined with normal searches (example "exact search" term otherterm -notthis "very exact" stuff -notagain)

Use the Filter by tags field to restrict displayed links to entries tagged with one or multiple tags (use space to separate tags).

Hidden tags: Tags starting with a dot . (example .secret) are private. They can only be seen and searched when logged in.

Tag cloud

The Tag cloud page diplays a "cloud" view of all tags in your Shaarli.

  • The most frequently used tags are displayed with a bigger font size.
  • When sorting by Most used or Alphabetical, tags are displayed as a list, along with counters and edit/delete buttons for each tag.
  • Clicking on any tag will display a list of all Shaares matching this tag.
  • Clicking on the counter next to a tag example, will filter the tag cloud to only display tags found in Shaares tagged example. Repeat this any number of times to further filter the tag cloud. Click List all links with those tags to display Shaares matching your current tag filter.

Filtering RSS feeds/Picture wall

RSS feeds can also be restricted to only return items matching a text/tag search: see RSS feeds.

Filter buttons

Filter buttons can be found at the top left of the link list. They allow you to apply different filters to the list:

  • Private links: When this toggle button is enabled, only shaares set to private will be shown.
  • Untagged links: When the this toggle button is enabled (top left of the link list), only shaares without any tags will be shown in the link list.

Filter buttons are only available when logged in.