Unofficial but related work on Shaarli. If you maintain one of these, please get in touch with us to help us find a way to adapt your work to our fork.

REST API clients

See REST API for a list of official and community clients.

Third party plugins

Third-party themes

See Theming for a list of community-contributed themes, and an installation guide.

Integration with other platforms

Mobile Apps

Browser addons

Server apps

  • shaarchiver - Archive your Shaarli bookmarks and their content
  • shaarli-river - An aggregator for shaarlis with many features
  • Shaarlo - An aggregator for shaarlis with many features (a very popular running instance among French shaarliers:
  • Shaarlimages - An image-oriented aggregator for Shaarlis
  • mknexen/shaarli-api - A REST API for Shaarli
  • Self dead link - Detect dead links on shaarli. This version use the database of shaarli. Another version, can be used for other shaarli instances (but is more resource consuming).
  • Bookmark Archiver - Save an archived copy of all websites starred using browser bookmarks/Shaarli/Delicious/Instapaper/ Outputs browseable html.

Alternatives to Shaarli

See awesome-selfhosted: bookmarks & link sharing.


Articles and social media discussions